Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Heart Marshall's

Some people actually stay away from stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall's.  My BFF was afraid to go in because she didn't want to have to "dig" for what she was looking for (plus, let's face it - it just feels more 'special' at times to treat yourself to a full-priced item at Macy's).  However, our downward economy drove my reluctant friend to venture into a TJ Maxx and now she's a self-proclaimed "Maxxinista"!  And why shouldn't she be because those stores are awesome!  Why?  Because it's a little bit like a present - you don't know what you're going to get!  You may walk in one day and find a $298 BCBG dress for only $40, like I did.  The next day you might find a pair of Nine West flats marked down to 20 dollars.  Or, you could score some super cute home decor for super cheap.  Some days I go in and find nothing that interests me, but other days I score BIG TIME.  Like last week, for instance.

As my mom and I were walking up to Marshall's, I mentioned to her that I would be thrilled to find a set of high thread count, twin-sized sheets for my son's bed.  I'm ordering 'space' themed bedding from the Land of Nod, however, I did not want to pay $70 for their sheets since they were only 200 thread count.  I figured I'd settle for a set of plain, light blue sheets instead.  I wanted high-quality sheets for no more than 20 bucks...Mom looked at me like, "Yeah, right.  You'll never find that."  Well, I did!  I made my way down to the home section, turned onto the bedding isle and there they were - a set of 310 thread count, twin-sized 'space' sheets for $19.99, complete with space ships and planets in the same colors as the bedding I'm ordering!  It's as if God had been listening in on our conversation.  He knows I'm on a budget so I think He leads me to the deals :o)  I'll post a picture once I have all of his bedding in place.

Remember my Ode to a Tea Kettle?  Click that link if you didn't hear about the heart-wrenching loss of my beloved Martha Stewart tea kettle and my search for a green, vintage-style tea kettle to fill its spot.  I walked into Marshall's and was completely shocked and delighted to see the green Chantal tea kettle I had been considering.  The best part is that it was priced at $29.99 instead of $39.99 and I didn't have to pay shipping!  

The spot on my stove is no longer vacant and I'm enjoying having a tea kettle that whistles. 

It's as if God Himself had placed that green tea kettle there just for me!  Why would God care about a tea kettle???  I'm not sure, but I know He cares about me - in fact, He cares about every one of us.  I think He takes care of the little things in life at times to let us know that He cares about every aspect of our lives.  Perhaps I'm over-spiritualizing my Marshall's finds...or, perhaps I should remember the fact that God can use whatever He wants (say, a tea kettle and a set of sheets) to remind us that He's with us and that He's aware of even the smallest details of our lives.

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Gabrielle said...

Love the tea kettle! I completely agree on Marshall's and other discount stores. We don't have a Marshall's, but in the past year, I've rediscovered TJ Maxx and Ross, which are awesome places to shop for discounts on name brand products. These stores are now the first places I go to shop for gifts. My favorite departments are baby clothes and housewares.