Monday, January 18, 2010

Ode to a Tea Kettle

Saturday was a sad day in the Campbell house (mostly for me).  My sweet Hubby was boiling water in my beloved Martha Stewart tea kettle to make tea when the kids decided to throw fits and require parental intervention.

Here's my green tea kettle in all it's vintage-style glory.

After the comotion died down, Hubby realized that **GASP!** the kettle had gotten so hot that the beautiful green enamel was flaking off.  There was no use in trying to save it - so much enamel flaked off that it went to that big tea kettle heaven in the sky.  Hubby felt awful.  So awful that he said I could purchase a new tea kettle and is even willing to shell out a nice chunk of change for the tea kettle of my choice (within reason, of course).

Now that the sadness had died down, excitement is starting to build as I begin searching for a new tea kettle to fill the spot on my stove.  Here's what I'm considering:

First up is this expensive little beauty from Le Creuset.  It's similar in color and style as my old tea kettle, however, this one comes with a feature that Hubby really wants: it whistles.  You can find this kettle for $70 at Williams-Sonoma and Sur-la-Table.

Next up is this green-speckled tea kettle from none other than the stick-of-butter-lovin' Paula Deen.  Beautiful shape, nice color, although it does not whistle.  But the price is right at only $39.99 at Target.

Ella happened to be next to me while I was searching for tea kettles and this is the one she picked out.  She says I need this strawberry tea kettle.  It's only $29.99 at Target and it whistles!  I'm actually considering it....

Then there's the Chantal tea kettle from Target.  It's $39.99 and whistles, but I'm not sure if I'm in love with it or not.

Which one would you choose??


SomethingBlue said...

I actually think the strawberry one is adorable! You may get tired of it but it is not a huge investment like some of the others so you could always replace it in the future or get a second! I like the first one too. It would probably last the longest.


Campbell said...

Please for the love of all that is holy, do not buy the strawberry kettle. If I have to see that everyday, I will go mad.

Gabby said...

If you want purely style, you can try to get the exact same MS one. I love the shape of it. But since you're wanting form AND function, I like the Le Creuset one the best, and it will last a long time too. I actually like the Chantal one too, from Target, but I'm not sure if I'm liking that shade of green. The shape of it's great though. And Ella's taste is pretty cute--the strawberry one IS adorable, but I think Mr. Campbell has overruled little Miss Campbell. Without a whistle, the Paula Deen one will eventually join your old one in that big tea kettle heaven in the sky.