Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween Night

Second only to Christmas, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  Is it the candy?  Is it the costumes?  Is it walking around the neighborhood at night knocking on random doors?  It's all of the above.  Halloween is fun and it's one of those holidays that makes me feel like a kid again - even more so since I now have kids of my own. 

My BFF, Allison, shares my love of this spooky holiday.  Every year her mom throws a Halloween party - partly for the holiday itself, but mostly it's a birthday party for Jennifer, Allison's sister.  Her birthday happens to be October 31st (what a cool birthday, right?!).  I first was invited to their Halloween bash about 3 years ago and we loved spending Halloween with them so much that we've crashed it every year since!

This year, Ella decided to dress up as The Princess and the Frog Prince.  It was completely her idea.  I told her that I wasn't going to buy her a costume since she has so many dress-up costumes.  So she got creative with what she had and after reading and watching so many fairy tales, she came up with the idea.  We found a little frog with magnetic hands to put around her arm and fitted a Barbie crown to his head.  Her look was finished with purple "Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique" style hair and lots of "sparklies" on her face!

Christian's LOVES Buzz Lightyear so naturally that's what he decided to be.  We bought his costume at Wal-Mart and he has proudly worn it almost every day since.  It's possibly the best $17 I ever spent!  He's even got several lines from Toy Story down: "I'm a space ranger!"  "I come in peace."  "To infinity and beyond!".

Christian's buddy, Luke, was a dinosaur (Christian calls it "dinosaur bones").  Luke was sooo excited about trick-or-treating and kept asking to go to a new house as soon as we left the previous house.  Christian just wanted to sit in the wagon and eat candy.

This is sweet Brooke asleep in the stroller.  Christian said that she needed a kiss to go ni-night.  Allison and I are considering an arranged marriage for the two of them so we can be related and spend our favorite holidays together.  You know we're kidding, right?  Mostly... :o)

Here's Ella with beautiful Taylor, who decided to dress up as a Pink Lady.  We're glad that this sixth grader doesn't think she's too old to dress up!  I told her that she can trick-or-treat until she graduates high school.

Court dressed up as a pirate.  By the end of the night, he was a drunken pirate :o)


Hope your Halloween was a fun and spooky one!

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