Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy November!

I've been busy - which is a good thing!  There are several things swimming in my head that I really want to post about and those things will come in time (especially now that I've uploaded my pics from my camera).  I'm excited to blog about Halloween and things that the kids are doing...but not right now.  I need sleep.  But here's a quick list of what we've been up to: 

So what have we been up to?  For starters, I've been trying to grow my freelance clientele.  God has blessed me with some design work recently and I've really enjoyed doing more of what I love - designing.  I'm praying that He'll bring me some more as I'm enjoying doing the work and my hopes is that it can turn into a more substantial supplemental income.  But, God knows what we need and when we need it so I'm trusting in His timing.  Wanna see what I'm working on?  Go to www.lesliedesignsstuff.blogspot.com

Besides work, we're busy with school.  Ella is doing very well.  She is learning to read simple words and actually enjoys her math workbook.  I read aloud to her a lot - mostly fairy tales since that's what she's into.  I've officially joined the Cypress Homeschool Association and Ella will begin taking classes at their teaching co-op.  It's all run by CHA homeschoolers and is like their own private school - even Christian will be able to join the preschool class!  And since my kids will be in it, that means I'll get to teach at times.  We're also looking forward to the Science Fair and Art Fair this year along with many educational field trips.  Ella is still enjoying her Daisy Troop and has already earned 3 badges!

Christian is busy being a toddler - getting into things, being cute, throwing an occasional fit.  However, it is amazing how his vocabulary is growing.  He talks a lot and can articulate his little thoughts (which is so fun to listen to!).  He woke up after his nap today and said, "I can't go to outer space right now."  He can count to 10, knows all his colors, know the planets in our solar system, and even recognizes a few letters.  Not bad for a 2 year old!  Although, I wish we could get that kid to actually use his vocabulary when he's mad or upset instead of screaming bloody murder.  Seriously, it makes my head stop working.

The hubby still loves his mountain bike.  Not many wives will say this, but I'm really glad he has an active hobby.  I think it makes him a happier, healthier husband.  And when he's happy, I'm happy.  Plus, it gives me leverage when I want to go do something that requires him to watch the kids :o)  So yes, honey, go and ride your bike!  I think the extra physical activity is causing his appetite to grow and I'm not sure if our pantry can keep up with it.  Me: "Dang!  Did you eat all the chips and salsa?!"  I'm looking forward to our small get-away this month.  We're going to camp out for one night and hit the trails on our bikes in the morning.  I'm just excited for us to actually be alone together!

And, in the midst of all this, I still try to maintain a clean home, cooked meals and clean clothes for everyone to wear.  Any mom of small kids knows what a seemingly impossible task all those things can be!  In fact, I confess that I let out a few obscenities after feeling the sharp edge of a MegaBlock in my foot while walking to the kitchen in the dark (I used to curse like a sailor but now I reserve those choice words for angry fits and physical pain).  Eventually I'll get around posting some pics...but for now I'm just rambling on the computer so I'll get more tired and fall asleep.  I always want to go to bed early but when I do, I can't fall asleep.  Ugh.

This is Leslie Campbell signing off for tonight.  Be back tomorrow.


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SomethingBlue said...

you sound very busy! keep up the good work :-)