Friday, May 29, 2009

Random Everyday Happenings

The first time I made cookies with Court he sort of freaked out when he saw me eat some of the cookie dough ("don't you know there's raw eggs in there?" "if you eat all the dough there won't be enough for cookies" I say, "who cares!!!"). My parents are cookie dough eaters and that's just how we roll. We eat the dough because it's the best part of making cookies! My kids also share in our love of the dough.

Even brother is wearing an apron! They love to take turns pouring the ingredients and stirring the dough. I gave them each their own wooden spoon so they would feel like they were an important part in helping make a yummy treat for the family.

Yes, my son has a fro. His curly hair is getting more and more difficult to tame and I'm contemplating having his hair cut for the first time. However, I feel rather sentimental about his baby curls and will probably shed a tear or two when the time comes to cut it. Why must our babies grow up so fast?!

I love how Ella's drawings are evolving. The top picture is a drawing of two mermaids: Ariel and Prince Eric. Notice their crowns and the word "fish" spelled backwards in the upper right hand corner. The second picture is a little hard to read, but Ella spelled the word "Tuesday" as her favorite day of the week. Makes me wonder why she picked Tuesday of all guess is that she wrote it on a Tuesday. The third picture is a family portrait. I am on the far left with Court by my side. The next is Christian, followed by Ella and Big Stuff. She chose to draw a clown face above Big Stuff. She saw clowns for the first time at Cirque du Soleil so that might have been her inspiration. There's also a large balloon in the upper right hand corner. You can click on the picture to view her drawings in more detail.

I love life with kids!

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