Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Disney World '09 - Part 1

Last month we took a family vacation to Disney World with Court's parents. We had a such a great time but life has been so busy since we've been home that I'm just now blogging about it! We decided to drive to save $$ and rented a minivan to give us a bit more room. My kids LOVE minivans, by the way :o)

Can you tell that Ella is excited?! We took advantage of rest stops so the kids could run around for a bit.

The first stop on our trip was Mimi and Poppy's house in Georgia. We decided to drive to their house, spend the night then caravan down to Disney the next day. The kids love running around in their huge back yard!

The very next day we were in Disney and up early to get to the parks. Since our hotel was in the Disney resort area, we rode buses to get to the Transportation Center and parks. It was rainy and kind of chilly outside so Court bought Ella a Tinkerbell umbrella at the hotel gift shop. We had no idea how much she would love it! She still uses it on an almost daily basis. We stayed at Shades of Green, which is a resort for military personnel. It's really great that they offer this for our service men and women. My father-in-law is retired Air Force so that's why we were able to stay there. We were located right next to the Grand Floridian and Polynesian so we were really close to all the parks.

Here's me and Christian with Mimi waiting for the Monorail at the Transportation Center.

We decided to go to Epcot first since the lines for the Magic Kingdom monorail was so long. The kids were so excited to ride the monorail!

Can you believe that those are all flowers?!

Me and the kids in front of "big ball" (as my son likes to call it). Christian LOVES "big ball" by the way - says it's "stuck!". In fact, he talked about big ball the WHOLE WEEK!

Our first stop at Epcot was the Nemo ride. Here are the seagulls from the Finding Nemo - they were saying "mine, mine, mine!" like they do in the movie :o)

Christian and me riding in a clam shell.

Mimi, Poppy and Ella.

At first I thought that $15 was a lot of money to spend on facepainting - until I saw how thrilled Ella was with the final result! Totally worth every penny!

Buddy looks a little freaked out in this picture (because he is), but rest assured that Goofy was a favorite of his after meeting him "in person" at Animal Kingdom. He eventually warmed up to him and was really excited every time we saw him after that.

Dinoland in Animal Kingdom had a lot of fun things for small kids so we spent a good amount of time there.

Here's Christian at the Dino Dig (sorry about the poor quality of this photo).

Court's aunt, uncle and cousins from Pennsylvania joined us in Disney World - it was nice getting to visit with them. Can you tell that Court's Cousin, Pat, and him are related?!

There are so many photos that it's hard to pick which ones I want to share! I'll continue with more in Part 2 :o)

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