Monday, April 13, 2009

They're in the mail!

The invitations turned out beautiful! The main invitation pulls out of the floral envelope and coordinates well with the response card. My job was to take care of the typography making sure to choose an appropriate font and place the type and then print the invitation, cards and envelopes. I then designed a map in Adobe Illustrator that we printed on vellum paper (I placed it on top of the response card envelope so it would show up for the picture - I blurred Amy's wedding site in the photo out of respect for her privacy). The invitation paper is by Anna Griffin. She has a line that she makes exclusively for Target so we were happy to get a gorgeous design at an affordable price. When we save money, we dare not sacrifice style and elegance!

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SomethingBlue said...

These turned out beautiful! I love Anna Griffin, in fact Allison's invitations were my her too. I can't wait to see more weddig details!