Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fun at Home

I've come to accept the fact that Ella and Christian cannot have fun without making a huge mess. It's just what they do. Despite the mess, I love their creativity! Now that Christian is a little older, the two of them are playing with each other more and more. I almost feel like I'm reliving memories of my brother and I playing when we were little. Here are some of Ella and Christian's latest creations (don't worry, we cleaned it all up afterwards!):

Christian is hiding in the box.

Later, it was time to play dress-up. Even Christian wanted to dress-up. He chose to wear his dinosaur Halloween costume.

He always tries to ride in the Barbie car and climb up the stairs on the Barbie castle.

Poor Big Stuff! He was so tired yet he wanted to be with me and the kids. Can't a dog find a comfy spot to sleep?

Ahh, here's a comfy spot! Big Stuff loves to steal a nap on Ella's bed!


Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

stego said...

And Ella finally likes to play with Big Stuff.