Friday, February 27, 2009

Fun Gift Wrap in a Pinch

We bought my mom a new coffee maker for her birthday and, low and behold, the only gift wrap I had was Christmas gift wrap. I'd normally wrap the gift with the funny pages of the newspaper, but I didn't have a newspaper either. There was no time to run to the store so I had to get creative. One thing I do have is a large tub full of my daughter's artwork. Some of it is too precious for me to give away, yet others I kept because I simply felt guilty throwing them away. My solution? Why not wrap Oma's gift with her granddaughter's artwork?! My daughter took a lot of pride in seeing her masterpieces on Oma's gift and we all had fun looking at the different pictures on the box. Sure, it took a little bit more work (and a lot of tape), but it's unique as well as sentimental. I guess you could also say that it's a good way to recycle/reuse and save money. This is definitely a gift wrap that grandparents appreciate! Why not give it a try?

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