Saturday, December 20, 2008

On the Road to PA

We did it - we drove a 22 hour trip half-way across the country from our humble abode in Texas all the way to Carlisle, PA for Thanksgiving. I was a little nervous about going on such a long car trip with two small children, but the trip went great. We broke up the trip into two days and made a few fun stops along the way to make the drive more "vacationy". I actually enjoyed the drive because we got to see cool stuff that we would have missed if we would have flown. We rented a van to give us more room and the kids really liked riding in it - I figured they would since they love "Oma's car" so much (she drives a mini van - they both cried the other day when they couldn't ride in it).

Court and I took turns drving (although I must admit that he drove most of the way).

Did I mention that this was a 22 hour trip? Court and I would take turns sleeping in the back seat. Praise God for mini vans!

After a long 13 hours, we made it to Chattanooga, TN and stayed at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo. It was a really great hotel! You can actually stay the night in the train cars. There was a lot of fun family-stuff to do so we'd like to take a weekend trip there someday.

We especially enjoyed the huge model train set-up.

Buddy liked the trains :o)

The hotel was decorated for Christmas, which I loved.

Court and the kids at the model trains - this is right before Christian's diaper leaked on me.

After a good breakfast and fun at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo, it was back on the road again. We got a nice surprise when we got to Virginia - SNOW!!! I realize that you northerners think nothing of snow, but it's a big deal to us folks down South. We decided to pull over at a rest stop to check it out.

Even though it wasn't a lot of snow, Ella still enjoyed it.

Christian wasn't too wild about it. He bent down, touched it with his index finger and said "no!". He doesn't like the sand at the beach, either. He's very sensitive to textures.

We loved seeing the mountains in Virginia. They were so beautiful.

We made it! This is Gram's house in Carlisle, PA. It's such a neat house. It's over a hundred years old and it's the house that Court's mom, Debbie, grew up in. Court and his fam have a lot of memories there and it's fun to hear their stories.

To be continued...

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