Monday, November 3, 2008

Texas Renaissance Festival

The Tex Ren Fest has become a Fall family tradition for us. It's one of the largest Renaissance festivals in the country and the setting is just beautiful. It's way out in the country (the woods, really) and they've built a whole little Renaissance "town" there. What's not to love about being in nature, turkey legs, celtic music, entertainment and strangely dressed people? Court couldn't go since he's working in Atlanta this week, but we were glad that my brother and sister were able to come. We went on Sunday and we all had a blast.

My brother Mike and I:

Wyndnwyre is a celtic band that plays at the festival every year. My family and I love them.

I bought Ella a princess hat to go with her costume.

The magic show was pretty good - funny and entertaining. Unfortunately, Christian and I had to leave before it was over because he was screaming.

Here's Ella and I. By the way, she had her first piece of gum that day (you can see some in her mouth). She told my mom that it was "all chewy and tickly".

You can totally tell that my dad has a "walk" in this picture.

Oma and Christian - he's staring at a horse in this picture.

It's hard to see in the photo, but my dad is holding a bag of kettle corn in his hand. Christian loved it and begged for it until it was all gone. He's a picky eater but he'll eat the unhealthy stuff.

Gnomes ARE real. I met one. He held onto me pretty tightly (his hand almost on my bum) and said it was the most fun he's had all evening :o)

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