Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ella's Favorite Web Sites & Toy Banks

At the tender age of four, Ella has learned to use the computer after much practicing with the mouse. Her favorite sites are My Little Pony's Ponyville, Strawberry Shortcake and Barbie. I always try to sneak in some more education sites like, Sesame Street and Starfall, but Ponyville (she pronounces it 'pony-bee-ill') is her favorite by far.

I found a fun, cheap toy idea from Parenting magazine - a "bank" made from an empty, plastic food container and baby food jar lids. Get an empty plastic food container (I used a yogurt container) and cut a rectangle out on the lid. Next, place the lid on the container and have your child put baby food jar lids into the slot. Believe it or not, this kept my kids entertained all evening. Christian especially loves this. He loves putting things in and taking things out, pushing buttons, and seeing how things work so this was perfect for him.

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