Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Fun for Kids - Tip #2

Get outside! This may sound obvious, but if your days are like mine, it's easy get busy with life's demands and forget to take time to play with your kids outside. Here in Houston we get used to being indoors during the summer because it's way too hot to play outside (unless water is involved). Now that the weather is cooling off, I'm trying to take advantage of the nice weather and play outside with my kids.

- While you're outside, talk about the changing weather of the season. Go for a nature walk and gather leaves and create a leaf scrapbook (click here to learn more). Or make a leaf painting with the leaves you find.

-Visit a farm and learn about growing and harvesting crops. And, of course, visiting a pumpkin patch is a must! If you live in the Houston area, a great place to visit is Dewberry Farm. They have a pumpkin patch, hay rides, corn maze, petting zoo, and tons of activities for kids.

-Buy a bag of small pumpkins for your kids to play with - you'll be amazed at how entertained they are with these. The kids in my class love them so much that I got some for my kids to play with at home. Gather other nature items on your nature walk such as, sticks, acorns and pine cones for your kids to play with (but make sure they know not to put the acorns in their mouths!). Kids love natural items (especially since most of their toys are plastic) and it's fun to see them get creative with them (and it's free!).

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