Sunday, October 12, 2008

Like Daddy

Ella loves the new Tinkerbell pens that Mimi sent to her. She carries them around in her new princess purse with her new Tinkerbell notebook. She loves the "sparkly" pens so much that she drew all over her arms with them during her Sunday school class this morning at church. My friend Tisha is her teacher and she said that she noticed Ella sitting quietly in the corner of the room but she didn't notice what she was doing until it was too late. When I asked Ella why she drew on her arms, she said, "I stamped my arms like Daddy. I have tattoos like Daddy." I was trying desperately to hold back my laughter as she was telling me this. I replied, "I know that Daddy has tattoos, but you are a little girl and little girls do not need tattoos." She then smiled and said, "I drew my name all on my arm!" The funniest part is that she drew a perfect circle around the mosquito bite on her upper arm :o)

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