Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Campbells Are Home!

We have power! Our electricity turned on yesterday afternoon and we are enjoying being back home. We did have fun over at my parent's house, but it's always nice to be in your own home :o) I finally uploaded the pics from my camera. We enjoyed playing in the wind just hours before Hurricane Ike hit us. It was great kite-flying weather!

The kids enjoyed the breezy weather. They played in the back of Court's truck and then decided to play with the sidewalk chalk.

The sky was beginning to look pretty eerie as the sun was going down. We knew something big was coming but we had no idea how crazy our weekend would be!

We decided to all sleep in the living room in case we needed to seek shelter in the kid's bathroom. Ella and Christian thought it was a blast!

Here's a few photos Court took the day after the hurricane:

My mom's neighbor, Lynn, woke up to a tree on her roof, but fortunately it did not penetrate the roof.

After spending two nights in our boiling hot house with little sleep, we decided to go to my parent's house. We were blessed later that day when their power turned on! We were happy to be in a cool house, however, we were all spent!

We're so thankful to be home. Please remember the people without power in your prayers. It was clear that God protected so many people during this storm. As we drove around, it was interesting to see that most of the trees fell on fences and yards instead of on houses. The city is not back to normal, though. Many stores and businesses are not open and there is still a lot of clean-up going on. My dad's business (located in New Caney, TX) may not have power until the first week of October - that will really put his business in a bad state. He is looking for a generator to get them up and running (not your average Home Depot generator, he needs a heavy-duty one capable of running large machinery). Please keep him in your prayers as well because this is his livelyhood. More to post very soon...

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