Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting Crafty

During our stay at my parent's house, I got this major creative streak. I was dying to make something - anything! Ella needed a fun activity to do as well so we went hunting around the house for craft items. We found some wooden blocks and decided it would be fun to paint them. Ella had so much fun painting! The final product turned out really well. I sprayed them with varnish after they dried and added them to our wooden blocks at home. I think they're so fun.

After the blocks, I was still feelin' crafty. Mom's sewing machine was out so I decided to make a few "monster dolls" for the kids. They were sooo much fun to make! The kids LOVE them. Christian held up the blue monster doll and hugged it and said, "cuuuuute!". My mom and I are planning on opening a shop on and I think these would be a fun item to sell. Mom made the leopard print octopus-looking doll (I talked her into making one and convinced her that it would be fun). They serve no practical purpose except to make you smile :o)

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Mikey! said...

What do I gotta do to get some monster dolls around here?