Sunday, September 14, 2008

Aftermath of Hurricane Ike...

Hi all! Well, we made it through the hurricane. The only damage was to our back fence and it was minimal so we feel pretty blessed. The wind and rain were really loud and sort of scary. Court and I didn't sleep at all because we wanted to be awake in case we needed to seek shelter in the bathroom. The power went out at 2 AM Saturday morning and we are still without power. I am writing from my parent's house - they got their power back around four o'clock this afternoon. We're soooo happy to be in the air conditioning!!! The kids had a rough time sleeping last night in our sauna of a house so it was so nice to put Christian to sleep in a cool room (he didn't cry at all!). My mom's neighbor, Janet, had her refrigerator hooked up to her neighbor's generator so we were able to save some of our food. We helped clean up the debris in my parent's yard and grilled up some pork loins and invited Janet and George over for lunch. We were really grateful that we were able to use their refrigerator.
I'm afraid to say that we are among the fortunate in the city of Houston - the aftermath of this hurricane is much worse than the hurricane itself. Millions (and I'm not exaggerating) are without power, food, water and gas. You have to wait hours in line to get gas and there are even lines to just get in to the few grocery stores that are open (let's hope I don't run out of diapers any time soon!). Many people have lost their homes or have water in their homes. This is going to be a huge clean-up effort. The power people are working hard to get power back to our city - I hope they get some vacation time after all this! We thank you for your prayers because they were definitely heard. The power outtage has been inconvenient and some what miserable, but we're so blessed to have our health and our family all together. I'll post some pictures when I'm able to get my camera cable from my house.

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