Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane's A-Comin'!

Well, it's only a few more hours before Hurricane Ike hits us. I thought I'd write a quick blog before the power goes out to let our families know that we're "hunkered down" in our home. Ella is a little scared of the coming storm, but she's excited because we're having a family slumber party in the living room. We decided that would be the best thing to do in case we need to seek shelter in the kid's bathroom. Earlier today we moved all of our outdoor furniture and toys into the garage. Our cell phones are charged, we have flashlights, water and food so I think we'll be okay. We'll see how the night unfolds.... Please pray for our safety and our property and please especially pray for those in the storm surge area! I'll blog more with pictures after the storm is over. Good night!

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