Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to (home)School: The Well-Planned Day

It's hard to successfully homeschool without being somewhat organized.  Every one has their own system of keeping track of schedules, activities, appointments, schoolwork, etc.  I had a pretty good system last year involving an Excel file.  But this year I stumbled upon a wonderful resource at the homeschool convention: The Well-Planned Day Planner.

This spiral-bound book is a gem (I'd even go so far to say it's a 'must have') for any homeschooling mom.  After all, it was designed by a homeschooling mom.  Jean Hall, the author, didn't leave out a single detail.  So far, it's meeting my needs perfectly.  I know a couple other moms who purchased this who have said the same thing. 

The Well-Planned Day includes:

  • Full Year Planner: July 2010 - June 2011

  • Organize and Plan for up to 4 children in one convenient book.

  • Four Student Class Plans: Schedule each student's class assignments.

  • Four Student Time Schedules: Track each day by the hour.

  • Weekly Schedule: Organize your week with class assignments, weekly priorities, prayer requests, dinner menu, and notes.

  • Month at a Glance: Plan field trips, enrichment activities and books to read

  • Semester Attendance & Progress Reports

  • Perforated Report Cards

  • Menu Planning: Plan weekly meals and conveniently shop with perforated shopping lists.

  • Family Worship: Read through the Bible in a year.

  • Insightful homeschool articles and tips to inspire you throughout the year.

  • Daily Catechism & Bible verse

  • and much more....

  • You can purchase your own copy HERE.  You won't be disappointed!

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