Friday, June 11, 2010

My Boudoir Dream Has Come True!

As of Monday, I will be the proud owner of this GORGEOUS bedding from Pottery Barn (and it's organic, too!).  

Those of you who know me know that I have been in search of bedding ever since I got married.  The problem is that I'm super picky about bedding.  The only place that has bedding that I like is Pottery Barn.  Throughout the years, I've seen several bedding sets that I love from PB come and go before I was able to buy it.  I could never quite get the hubby on board.  Bedding just isn't that important to him.  Therefore, I was waiting to have the money to purchase it myself.  However, my money always needed to go towards something else other than bedding (no, not clothes and shoes - mostly it went to the kids or groceries).  So, I just had to wait, my wait is about to come to an end!  And guess what - the hubby bought it for me :o)

How has this boudoir miracle occurred?  I guess I have Steve Jobs to thank.  I got a phone call the other day and the hubby starts with, "You're going to kill me."  "What did you do?  Or rather, what did you BUY?!?", I ask.  "An iPad", he replies.  You can imagine where the conversation went from there!  In response, I mentioned that I thought he should buy my bedding...wish granted, however, much sooner than I had thought.  

When I mentioned that he should buy the bedding, I assumed that I'd receive it as a Christmas or birthday gift.  Instead, he called from work a day later and says, "It's done."  "What's done?", I ask.  "I bought your bedding.  Now you can enjoy your quilt and your SHHAAAAMS", he says.  Not only will I enjoy the bedding, but I think the hubby will, too.  We had a hard time finding a set that we both agreed on, but we both like this one.

So, thanks, Hon, for the bedding.  I will enjoy my quilt and my SHHAAAMS for years to come.  And we can sit in bed together under our new quilt while playing Words With Friends on the iPad :o)

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Gabrielle said...

Y'all are so funny--Court and his SHAAAMS made me laugh.

I love your bedding!