Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Presidents Day

In honor of President's Day, we took some time in our school day to learn a little bit about American presidents.  It was really more of an introduction since we're doing Kindergarten.  We found Washington DC on the map, learned a few facts about George Washington, looked at pictures of The White House and the Washington Monument, and learned the name of our current president, Barack Obama.  We discussed a little bit about voting and about how it's up to the people to decide who is elected.

We also looked online at "George Washington: A National Treasure" (pictured above) which is a historic tour from the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery.  The website is filled with facts about our first president and his portrait and the artist, Gilbert Stuart - and there is even a section for kids.  Ella enjoyed solving the make-believe mystery about the painting.  Check it out here.

Next, Ella had to finish the following sentence: "If I were president, I would..."  Her answer was, "I would make jewelry and give people clothing and make-up."  Well, at least she's thinking about giving to those in need :o)


Gabby said...

Hahaha...this made me literally laugh out loud. Ella's adorable, and so much like her mama, a true fashionista!

Great tips on President's Day! Can't wait to do school with my own little girl!

sosnweddingdesigns said...

Lol, that is so funny! Ella is so sweet :-)