Friday, January 8, 2010

School Day Snapshots - Nature and Science Journal

One of my favorite purchases at the Texas Homeschool Coalition Conference this past August was Ella's nature and science journal.  It's actually a blank, hard-covered book by Bare Books that I purchased from Miller Pads & Paper.  You could use these blank little books for anything, but my homeschooling friend, Tisha, and I thought they would make perfect nature journals.  After a trip to the zoo, aquarium or a walk in the woods, Ella will record her favorite findings in her nature journal.  If she collects a leaf or flower she likes, we press it and tape it into her book and observe it.

We are in our insect unit right now and the ants have been busy in their new home.

Each day, Ella observes what new things the ants are doing and records them in her journal.

We also use the journal to record science experiments.  For this particular experiment, she predicted which items would float or sink and then recorded the results.

Pick up a few Bare Books at Miller Pads & Paper (click the link).  They're inexpensive and come in several different styles and sizes.  And since they're hard-covered, they'll last for years.  You'll love them!

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