Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Most Christmasy House on the Block

There are some people who are just born creative geniuses.  My mom's friend, Rhonda, is one of those people.  She sweats creativity and it shows in her gorgeous and unique house.  She is constantly decorating and redorating her house with garage sale finds and things that she creates herself from her flea market and bargain bin finds.

Rhonda begins decorating her house for Christmas on October 15th every year with her goal of being finished by the 31st.  Why start so early?  Her creative interior decorating is in high demand after Halloween so she wants to finish her house before decorating other people's homes for the holidays.  And luckily for us, we were invited to her holiday open house this evening.  Along with the eye candy, we were served chocolate cake, coffee and Christmas wassail - yum!

This Santa ornament is one of her garage sale finds - and it's handmade!  At Christmas time, Rhonda's house is never the same - each year is different from the one before and each room has a theme.  Candy canes were abundant this year.

Here's a close-up of the entry hall display.

Each wreath you see in the pictures was made handmade by Rhonda.  I told her I'd be curious to know how many round Christmas ball ornaments she had in her house.  I'm sure the number would be astounding.

One of my favorite rooms is her black and white dining room.  Even the painting above the handmade mantel was a thrift store find for only $10!

The kitchen sink area would actually inspire me to do the dishes with all the lovelies to look at while scrubbing away.

Another gorgeous display over another handmade mantel.  This is located in the sitting area just off of her black, white and lime green kitchen.  Only Rhonda could pull off a kitchen with that color scheme!

My favorite room in her house is the laundry room of all places.  The purses and jewelry set the theme.  I loathe doing laundry but I'd wash clothes all day in this room!  And believe it or not, the room is actually very functional for her.  The detergent is located in the white rectangle canister on the dryer and all of the jewelry and purses displayed are pieces that she wears and uses on a regular basis.  The room doubles as a place to store her accessories.

Here's a close-up of the pink lady in her laundry room.  I LOVE the pink vintage ornaments!

Purse collection + vintage pink wreath = Lovely.

This is another shot taken in the laundry room.  If you look closely, you can see Rhonda's reflection in the little mirror on the right hand side :o)

I just couldn't stop taking pictures - so much to see!

This silver tinsel tree greets her guests as they come and go from the house.  I go home from Rhonda's house inspired to craft and redecorate.  Because Rhonda is constantly changing the decor of her home, she holds frequent garage sales herself.  I'm a faithful returning customer as I always find something amazing to take home, including my lovely country french-style bar stools.

I hope Rhonda's home has given you as much creative inspiration as it has given me!

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