Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm Thankful For:

Sunshine on a cool day,
Sweet toddler hugs,
Pictures of me drawn by my daughter,
Kids who think I'm a better person than I really am,
A big pot of hot coffee in the morning,
My fireplace,
Being married to a man that I'm still in love with,
The blessings of homeschooling,
Spending every day with the two little people I love most,
Spending every night with the man I love most,
Crazy black pug,
My cozy little house,
Having a car that works,
Food in the fridge,
Girlfriends who get me,
Parents who love and support me,
Loving in-laws who have embraced me as their own,
Quiet moments,
Getting my hair done,
Cold beer after a long day,
Toys on the floor,
Spilled milk on the table,
Good health,
God who made me, loves me and won't let me go,
A Savior who died for me, who made a way for a sinner like me,
A Savior who rose again, who gives my life purpose and hope for the future.
Thank you, Jesus, for loving me.

Happy Thanksgiving

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