Monday, November 16, 2009

Houston Museum of Natural Science

We have discovered a gem - the Houston Museum of Natural Science offers classes for homeschoolers.  Last week, Ella was able to take a class with one of her fellow Daisy troop members about the city of Pompeii.  The class was for homeschooled children, Kindergarten through 2nd grade.  They learned about the Romans, life in Pompeii, the destruction of the city and all about volcanoes.  The class came complete with experiments and a craft activity.  The real test is when I asked Ella what she thought - she said that she would love to come take another class at the museum!  Next, I may sign her up for a class on either Midevil Japan or a cool class about animal teeth. 

The cost per class is $10 and me and Christian get to walk around the exhibits at the museum for free.  Last week, Christian loved seeing all the "big dinosaur bones! ROARRR!" and he even enjoyed the gem and mineral displays.  He has been asking to go back to the "science whoseum" ever since. 

Click the link to view some of the classes lined up for this year:

I am also thrilled to finally have joined the Cypress Homeschool Association.  It has been great to connect with other homeschoolers and Ella has enjoyed spending more time with friends.  Last week, we stopped by the CHA teaching co-op to learn about mammals with the Zoomobile from the Houston zoo on Monday, then we joined the preschool and Kindergarten group on a trip to the weather museum on Wednesday and enjoyed some time together playing in the park.  Tomorrow, we are looking forward to the CHA Thanksgiving Friendship Feast in the park.  I am looking forward to all the fun and educational things they have lined up for the year.

Who knew that learning could be so fun?!