Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Little Boy Is:

 ROARING dinosaur bones, BUZZ LIGHTYEAR, super heroes running fast, MR. INCREDIBLE!!!, pushing buttons, putting DVD's in the CD player, OBSESSED with Wii remotes,  CHOCOLATE PUDDING on the nose, paint on the walls, EATING ERASERS, using spatulas as a sword, BIG BEAR HUGS, giving sister sweet kisses when she's hurt, SHARK PAJAMAS ROAR!!, reading books in the crib, SCREAMING FITS when he doesn't get his way, cries at bedtime, makes me FORGET what I was going to to next, makes me FORGET the screaming fits when he hugs me and says, "Wuv You Mommy!"

Sweet boy!

My Little Girl Is: to follow....:o)

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