Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Art for Kids - Leaf Painting

I have an excellent Kindergarten curriculum that I use for Ella's homeschool.  However, it does not have as much art in it as I would like.  Ella loves art and is not content if we do not have a "craft" on each and every school day.  So, I supplement with my own art ideas at times.  I do have a kid's arts and crafts book that I reference at times, but since it's Fall I'd like for us to do a lot of Fall-themed art.  I'll be featuring Fall art for kids this month so keep checking back for projects to do with your kids!  I'm certain that all these projects are not original to me - in fact, many of them will be art projects that I remember doing in art classes as a child.

For today, I'm featuring our leaf painting.  We collected leaves from our backyard and taped them to the paper on our easel.  I then selected Fall colors for them to mix and paint over their leaves.  They had fun seeing how the red and yellow made orange and enjoyed watering down the colors for a more transparent look.  A great way to display the final artwork is to clip two clothespins at the top of the paper and stick them to the wall with tack adhesive putty.  You can later change out your child's artwork with other seasonal kid-paintings or remove the clothespins without any damage to your wall.

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