Saturday, August 22, 2009

Keys to My Heart

I enjoyed reading the "keys to Ashley's heart" at the Little Birdie Boutique. (image from Kiss the Groom)

Keys to my heart

Iced coffee, hugs from my KIDS, my pug, HUBBY, designer purses, JEWELRY, the bible, beautiful paintings, JESUS, renior, ROTHKO, dresses, XXOO, organized cabinets & drawers, PRIDE & PREJUDICE, homeschooling, CRAFTS, oil painting, SEWING, vintage Pyrex, CLEARANCE RACKS, target, BEING WITH MOM, long chats with my bff, ELLA PAINTING MY TOE NAILS, christian telling me his thoughts, EXERCISING, baking, COOKING, menu planning, SHOPPING, more shopping, NEW SHOES, antique malls, BOUTIQUES, pilates, WINDY DAYS, the beach, VACATIONS, football games with hubby, AUTUMN, trick-or-treating, RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL, going to the ballet, LEARNING, serving others, ENCOURAGING A FRIEND, a timely piece of advice, NAPS, political discussions with Dad, KIDS IN PJ's, christmas season, DECORATING, gift giving, NEW UNDERWEAR, candles, STAR GAZING, nature walks with the kids, DATE NIGHT WITH HUBBY, recycling, CREATIVITY, riding my bike, MY SIBLINGS, etc., etc....