Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten (and a free skirt pattern!)

Ella had a great first day of Kindergarten today! We were both excited to get started on her school work this morning. When we were done she kept asking what we were going to do next and she said that she was having fun. That totally made my day! Christian pretty much played by himself while I taught Ella but he was happy to join in when it was time for to do an art project.

To celebrate our first week of school, we are taking a field trip to the zoo with a fellow homeschooling friend of mine and her four kids. My kids love playing with her kids and we plan to play an animal scavenger hunt game at the zoo together (and who knows - maybe us moms will actually get to have an adult conversation while we're there!). The kids will also bring along their nature journals to record what they see at the zoo.

Like Ella's skirt? I made it today :o) Sewing has quickly become another creative outlet for me. Plus, I love making cute clothes for my daughter to wear! Here's the first skirt that I made a couple days ago (she picked the fabric):

You can download the free pattern from Oliver + S. This skirt is super easy to make. Trust me, if I can make it, then I'm sure you can!

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