Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Western-Themed Rehearsal Dinner Party

I wish that I could take credit for this amazing party! My sister's new mother-in-law is the creative mind behind this awesome shindig and everyone had such a great time. The rehearsal dinner was held at Main Street Crossing in Tomball, TX and BBQ was catered by Rudy's BBQ (mmm, brisket...delicious!). Lots of friends and family were there to enjoy company, food and dancing to the music of Walt Wilkinson. The groom's sister, Hannah, plays guitar and is an amazing singer so we got to hear her as well.

The tables were decorated with wildflowers picked by the groom's mother, Kathy, cowboy boots, hats, bandanas and candle holders that were finished off with raffia.

The bride and groom wore special rib bibs handmade by the groom's aunt :o)

It was so great to spend time with friends and family and getting to know my sister's new family!

Here's my hubby with my brother, Michael. After everyone ate, we watched a slide-show with pictures of the bride and groom throughout the years and then a microphone was passed around the room to whoever wanted to say a toast or give a blessing to the couple. I HATE crying in front of people but I got really choked up when it was my turn! Can you blame me?! My little baby sis was getting married!

And here is the talented and gorgeous sister of the groom, Hannah! She's going off to college in the Fall and I know she's going to do great things.

Once Walt and his band started playing and the chairs and tables were moved, Ella was ready to hit the dance floor with her new boyfriend, Jeremy. Jeremy is the groom's older brother. Ella used to be completely in love with Ryan until she met Jeremy at Amy's graduation...she's been smitten ever since! We all love how Ella pronounces his name: "Germy". She got to dance with Germy again at the wedding reception!

Lil' Buddy enjoyed all the lights and excitement and especially seeing Walt and his band playing guitar. He loves guitars. He also danced quite a bit and then hung out with Uncle Mike at the bar.

Look at my little guy watching the band play!

Now, the couple is wed and happily together in Bryan, TX. I'm looking forward to visiting them next Friday with my mom. We have a task of helping my sister decorate her new home. We'll be bringing gifts for Amy because we simply can't help ourselves! I miss my sister sooo much but I'm so happy for the life that God has blessed her with! I love you, Amy!

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Amy said...

Thanks Leslie, this was really sweet! A few corrections:

Kathy bought the flowers in a town outside of New Braunfels
And the bibs were made by a friend of Kathy's, not Ryan's aunt.
I love you!