Saturday, May 23, 2009

Preschool Graduation

My sweet little girl has graduated from preschool. Yes, I will soon be the parent of a kindergartener! To celebrate the end of the school year, the teachers threw a bon voyage luau for the 4 year old class. The Hawaiian theme turned out really cute! The kids put on a presentation and sang several songs that they had learned over the school year and they all took turns reciting bible verses and other things they had learned, such as the days of the week, months of the year, counting 1 to 20, etc. Ella recited a bible verse and the days of the week and I was so impressed by what she has learned! Her teachers were so wonderful this year and they have done such a great job preparing these kids for kindergarten! Court and I are really proud of our girlie!

Here they are singing one of their songs.

My girl has got some moves!

Christian enjoyed watching the presentation since he knew some of the songs they sang. He stood in his seat and danced!

The school director (who is also my boss) handed a "Bon Voyage" certificate to each child.

Ella's teacher's are on the left. They did such a good job with the whole presentation. And we could all tell that the kids really enjoyed themselves!

Everyone received a lei when we walked in the door. The kids in Ella's class colored the "Aloha" table signs.

My boss made these ocean cakes. She's constantly impressing us with her craft skills! For Halloween, she sewed a dress for her three year old that looked EXACTLY like the big, poofy white dress in the movie "Enchanted"!

All of the parents brought fruit to contribute to the fruit salad.

The punch was Sprite with blue food coloring with gummy sharks "swimming" in it. Too cute! Ella actually drank it, which surprised me since she doesn't really care for soft drinks.

Here's my girl with some of her friends (the little one in the front is her friend's baby sister. Ella loves babies so that's why she's holding on to her shoulders!). They were all so proud of themselves that night and they were all super sweet! I know Ella will have a blast with them during summer school. We're definitely going to miss everyone when it's time for kindergarten. They're getting so big so fast! A week after Ella's "graduation", we attended my sister's graduation from Texas A&M. My mom commented that it felt like only yesterday that she was sitting in my sister's preschool graduation! Childhood flies by so quickly. I hope I'll be wise enough to cherish each moment God gives me with my kids...and hopefully God will remind me of that even when my kids are not acting quite so pleasant :o)

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