Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lil' Boogers

Never a dull moment at my house - especially with Ella, my almost 5 year old, and Christian, my 2 year old. Christian has discovered the bathroom sink and he loves to play in it! He's even learned how to turn on the water. Christian and Ella don't understand water conservation, so they get a little upset when I say it's time to turn it off. The other day, I found Ella brushing Christian's teeth in their bathroom. Ella is such the little mommy! Christian loves the potty, too. It's another sink to him. The other day, he decided to dip his toothbrush in my mom's potty so he could brush his teeth. And I'm sorry to say that he did put it in his mouth afterwards. We were a little too late getting to him! I can be a germ freak at times, so you can imagine the sickness I felt deep within my stomach.

Apparently, Christian also has a taste for markers. He wanted to color with his sister and managed to bite the felt tip off of a marker while I was checking emails. I guess I'll be keeping a better eye on him next time!

I took Ella shopping yesterday after I got paid. She picked out the shirt and skirt along with the shoes. She was so excited about her new outfit (can you tell?!). Ella throws a fit when I make her wear jeans so she'll be excited to wear strictly skirts and dresses when the weather is warmer. Thank God for biking shorts and leggings since she hasn't learned to sit like a lady yet :o)

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