Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Day

Yeah, I realize that we're halfway into January but I feel as if I can't post any January events until I blog about Christmas. I must admit that I haven't been feeling very "bloggy" lately...sorry about that.

We had a sweet time with the kids on Christmas morning. It was just Court and I and the kids. Since our little family is still sort of "new", it's nice for us to begin some holiday traditions of our own that we can pass down to our kids.

At our house, Santa brings each of the kids one gift and fills their stocking (the rest of the presents are from family). That was Court's idea. I liked it because it took some of the focus off of Santa (plus, I like getting credit for the gifts that I buy for the kids!).

Ella was stoked to receive the Barbie Diamond Castle horse and carriage from Santa and Christian loved his Yo Gabba Gabba dance mat. Christian was content to play on his mat while Ella was ready to rip into the other gifts :o)

Ella's favorite gifts were the Sleeping Beauty vanity and the Barbie Diamond Castle from Mimi. She has her vanity set up in her room the way she wants it and she has learned how to fold and store the castle in her closet all by herself - which is great because she can clean her without any help :o)

Christian loved all of his gifts, but his most favorite was a gift not intended for him...Debbie gave Court a pair of Guitar Hero boxers that came in a tin shaped like a guitar. Christian loves that tin so much that he sleeps with it! He also plays his "guitar" while he dances on the dance mat.

Court loved his geek gifts (his face was all lit up). He was also excited to give me my gift - a New Orleans Saints jersey.

And what was my favorite gift??? Wanna hint? It came in a little blue Tiffany's box! Debbie granted my wish by giving me my first ever piece of jewelry from Tiffany's, the classic "Return to Tiffany" heart tag charm bracelet! I was so shocked and surprised. I was also surprised to know that Court didn't know what Tiffany's is.... Now that he knows what it is, maybe I'll see more little blue Tiffany boxes in the future...?!

Next, it was time to go visit my fam. We had fun opening gifts and eating a wonderful dinner together - complete with my favorites: turkey, my aunt's dressing (amaaaazing!), sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce (the jellied kind, straight out of the can).

Ella keeps asking me if we'll be having Christmas again. I tell her that she'll have to wait a long time, but as I get older, time seems to go by quicker. I'm sure we'll be celebrating Christmas again before I know it.

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stego said...

Ummm, I have known about Tiffany's for years. I am not sure what gave you that idea.