Sunday, October 19, 2008

Typical Afternoon at the Campbell House

Here are a few pics for the grandparents to enjoy. Ella and I built a castle for the Barbs (Barbies). She loves her Barbies - she keeps saying that they need a prince and a kitchen....

Little Buddy discovered Ella's Leap Pad. He loves to push buttons, especially when something happens afterwards.

Court is really into his Rubik's Cube right now. Borderline obsessed, actually. He found an online tutorial on how to solve the thing so he's in the process of memorizing several algorithms so he can learn to solve the cube super fast. This is typical Court behavior. When he's into something, he's into it 150%. I love my little nerd!

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Amy said...

The comment about court cracks me up, That really is typical court behavior! i love it!