Tuesday, October 21, 2008

4-Year-Old Drama Queen

While I was trying to get us all ready for school this morning, the following dialogue transpired:

Ella: "Mommy, look at my ring!"

Me: "Wow, that's really beautiful."

Ella: "I wanna wear it to Mother's Day Out."

Me: "I'm sorry, Sweetie, but you need to leave it at home. It's too big for your finger and it may fall off - plus, I don't think your teachers would like for you to play with it in class."

Ella: "But Mommy, I just want to wear it!"

Me: "I'm sorry, but I can't let you wear it to school. Go put it back in your jewelry box and you can wear it when we get home."

Ella: "I am going to wear it!"

Me: "NO, you are NOT going to wear it. Please obey mommy and put the ring up NOW."

Ella: "Mommy, you just ruining my life!"

She then stormed out of the room and it's a good thing, too, because I could not hold back my laughter! I was in the middle of changing Christian's diaper when all this occurred and I was laughing so hard that my face was on his tummy - he thought I was trying to blow raspberries on his belly so he started laughing, too. The whole thing was just hilarious. I would give anything to have the conversation on tape. She did put the ring back and I told her that she could wear her Tinkerbell necklace as a compromise. She seemed pretty happy with that. I got some sweet hugs before bedtime so I don't think she thinks I'm ruining her life anymore :o)

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