Monday, October 27, 2008

More Fall Fun

The kids and I are loving the Fall season, and we have an exciting week with Halloween just around the corner. It was Scarecrow Day in Ella's class last Thursday. All the kids dressed up as scarecrows. Overalls and flannel shirts won't do for princess Ella, though. She wanted to be a "princess scarecrow" so she dressed in a denim dress instead.

Ella loves arts and crafts and she's very proud of the pumpkins that she decorated. She made the glittered pumpkin at school and she painted the colorful pumpkin at the zoo. Last weekend was Zoo Boo at the Houston zoo so she and Christian got to wear their costumes and trick-or-treat at the zoo (and I forgot my camera!!! can you believe it?!).

I was so proud of my little boy last week when he ate a slice of apple! Those of you who know us well know that Christian is a VERY picky eater. Luckily, we've discovered the V8 Fusion juice - he gets a full daily serving of fruits and veggies from two cups.

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