Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bless This Mess

Hi! Welcome to the Campbell house! Please watch your step - the kids have been getting creative in the living room and I wouldn't want you to trip on any toys. Sure, I love a clean house and I try my best to keep things picked up and in order. But you see, I have two little people who come along right behind me and mess it all up again! I guess I could get all bent out of shape and stress about the fact that even though I constantly clean, the house still seems messy (and, admittedly, sometimes I do stress!)...but then I remember that they will only be young for so long. The days spent pretending and making "stores" in the living room are numbered and should be cherished. So for now, I'll let them make their messes and have their fun. Afterwards, I'll try to be a good mother and teach them how to pick up after themselves. And after the living room is all clean, I"ll find that they have already dumped out all their toys in the playroom :o)

(By the way, it only took the kids five minutes to make the blessed mess that you see in the pictures above)

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