Sunday, September 7, 2008

First Week of School

Our first week of preschool started last week. This is my first year teaching and the kid's first year to attend. Tuesday (our first day) was great, however, the kids were a little tired from a long, fun-filled weekend with the grandparents. We don't have school on Wednesdays, however, we go to church Wed. mornings for my women's bible study and then we're back at church Wed. nights because I work childcare - it's a looong day! And Thursday we're back at school. Ella and Christian had a great week at school! They both love being there. Christian even slept on his nap mat! (my mom helped me sew the kids new nap mats - I'll post the pics later) My two year old class that I teach did really well, too. We had quite a few tears on Tuesday (some of them had never been away from mom before), but on Thursday they seemed miraculously adjusted and all seemed to have a good day. I'm looking forward to the week ahead mostly because I'm ready to settle into our new schedule. Last week felt really long and exhausting - the dog getting sick and having to have a $200 vet visit didn't help! But, I'm believing God for a good week and I'm excited about our first year of preschool! I really do have an awesome job :o)

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