Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A New Perspective

Christian likes to bend over so he can see what the world looks like upside down. It makes sense, really. By doing this he's gaining a new perspective on the world - he's seeing the same things in a different way and it's exciting to him. Perhaps one of the greatest things about having kids is watching them explore the world with fresh eyes - seeing them discover what we take for granted. They are so filled with wonder at God's creation. They inspire me to regain my sense of wonder. A part of me gets to re-live my childhood again through my kids and I'm having a blast!

"So much wonder, Carved in your coral seas
So much wonder, Shaded by ancient trees
I consider all that your hands have made
Every newborn’s eyes, every new sunrise
No power can tame your presence
No light can match your radiance"
- from 'In Wonder' by the Newsboys

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