Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kid Art

I love kid art.  It's so colorful and honest.  The process is always more important than the outcome and they feel a sense of accomplishment when their works of art are finished. 

My daughter said this was a picture of me taking her and her brother to play at the mall play area on a rainy day.

My son drew the picture below on our marker board.  He is very much into Earth science and space so his drawings tend to be related to whatever he's obsessing about at the time.  Right now, he's into extreme weather.  This is his drawing of a hurricane.  He said the dot in the center was the eye of the hurricane.

Playdough and clay gives me at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time!  On this particular day, the kids created quietly for an hour - a whole hour!!

My daughter created an Egyptian scence (see the three sarcophagai? she said the mummies were in there)...

While my son created a medieval knight scene.

My son sometimes gets frustrated if he cannot draw something he has in mind.  That's when sister comes to the rescue and draws for him.  In this picture, people are running away from the large tornado.  If you look closely, 'The Dominator' from Discovery Channel's "Storm Chasers" is following the tornado:

 What sort of things do your children like to create?

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Adventures of a Rushing Wife said...

This is awesome! Has Christian's hair turned brown overnight?? Where is the bright blonde?!?