Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Math & Fairytales

I've been researching math curricula for my daughter's second grade year and I came across a wonderful resource that I hope to add to our school: Arithmetic Village, by Kimberly Moore.  

Arithmetic Village is a set of books that explain mathematic concepts in fairytale-like stories.  Children are introduced to characters such as Polly Plus, Linus Minus, Tina Times and King David Divide.  My daughter LOVES fairy tale stories so I think she would respond really well to this.  The entire 5-book set is available for $50 through their website (otherwise, you'll pay approx. $15 per book through Amazon or Barnes & Noble).

The Arithmetic Village website is full of games, activities and worksheets that reinforce the concepts learned in the book.  I really love Kimberly Moore's approach to teaching math (read more here). I sure wish Tina Times had been around when I was learning multiplication in 3rd grade!

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