Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Month of May and Such

I thought I'd just drop in and give a quick lil' update for the month of May:

*We are in our final weeks of Kindergarten.  I'm almost the proud parent of a 1st grader!  Our homeschool group may have a Kindergarten graduation - I hope they do because I think it would mean a lot to Ella.

*Christian is doing awesome with his potty training!  He has few accidents (although they do happen) and is wearing 'big boy underwear' now.  Diapers are just for nap time and night time.  We take our little potty everywhere in case he needs 'to go' when there's not a restroom nearby.

*I've had more design jobs this month than any other month.  I have finished up three small projects so far and am working on a large project at the moment.  I'm so blessed to have a profession that gives us some supplemental income while allowing me to work at home in my jammies :o)

*Field trips galore!  This month, we will take many nature walks, visit an alligator farm, spend a day at the beach, and probably go to the zoo again.

*I turn 30 this month!!!  I'm determined NOT to feel old.  Instead, I plan on being the sexiest I've EVER been now that I'm eating right and working out at the gym like a mad woman.

The pic above is from mine and Court's campsite in April.  We both wish we were still camping :o)

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