Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm a little behind...

I feel like a complete, um, 'pig's behind' for neglecting my beloved blog.  When summer comes and life slows down a little, I'll probably have at least two posts a day but for now, I'm lucky to get one in a week!  April has been one heck of a month, but things are looking up for May.  After all, I'm turning 30 this month :o)

Like the pic above?  It was taken at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo (something else I intend to blog about in the near future...).

Stay tuned...I could say something brilliant at any moment!**

**By the way, that's a quote from a button that my Mimi gave me as a kid - I guess I've always had a talent for having an opinion :o)  I'm so grateful to all of you who love me anyway!

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Gabrielle said...

Do we love you anyway or do we love you because we love that you say what you think? I, for one, have always valued your honesty. If I'm ever doing something that doesn't honor God, I know/hope you'll be the first to set me straight. That's one of many things that make you a great friend.