Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Making a Book & Free Handwriting Paper

A great way to make handwriting fun for your child is to have her write her own story and put it into a book.  My Ella isn't very fond of writing, but I had no problem getting her to pen her own story!

First, I sat down with Ella and asked her what she wanted her story to be about.  She picked her usual suspects, a ballerina princess, a prince and a witch.  Next, I asked her to tell me her story.  Then, I helped her form her story into simple sentences that she could write. 

Thanks to, I downloaded free blank-top handwriting paper (click here).  I wrote the sentences on a piece of paper for her to look at and she copied the sentences onto her blank-top handwriting paper.  For the cover, I trimmed a manilla folder down to size and Ella pasted her cover art and a pink construction paper book spine on the front.  Voila!  Ella's first book!

If your child rolls her eyes when it's time for handwriting lessons, writing her own book may give her the motivation she needs.

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