Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bumps on the Road to Tranquility

It's only 11 AM and already I need a cookie...yes, we're having one of those days in my house.  My son keeps finding something to whine about and my daughter had a breakdown just because I asked her to say "Thursday, January 28th".  We worked through the breakdown and were able to happily get through school without further incident.  However, my son decided to cause a bit of trouble, including but not limited to: chewing on erasers (again), playing with ticky-tack, color his face and feet with markers, whining about food, whining about whining and making a massive mess in the playroom.

They are minor bumps, yes, but at times they are enough to send my blood pressure soaring.  So I take a deep breath, brew some chai tea and count my blessings knowing that I have it pretty good.  I remind myself that things could be worse and that I could be living in a make-shift tent in Haiti - suddenly, my worries do not seem all to significant.  After a quick reality check, life is a little less chaotic and the children more pleasant.  Here's to life with kids and the grand adventure called 'Motherhood'!

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GabrielleDaigle said...

Great perspective, Leslie. And we're also blessed to even have these sweet children at all. God is good!