Monday, October 26, 2009

Should you pay for the label?

I've often wondered if I should be buying my make-up at the counters in Macy's instead of at Target.  After all, people can't tell if your eyeshadow is Chanel or Cover Girl by looking at your face, right?  After reading the following article from, I now feel fully confident in my choice to use more budget-friendly brands of make-up.

"Q: Are designer eye shadows worth the cost or can you get the same look using drugstore eyeshadows? 

A: There are a ton of brands that offer top-quality makeup at drugstore prices—including L’Oréal, Cover Girl, and Revlon. If you’re trying out a new look (peacock blue eyes?), then experiment with something inexpensive at first. If you grow to love a trend and want to wear it regularly, then you can invest in something pricier. Sometimes, a more expensive brand can offer a wider range of colors, or really beautiful packaging (I’m a sucker for both), but the formula inside can be similar to what’s found at the drugstore."

-Ying Chu, Marie Claire Beauty Director 

I must admit that there are two things that are no-compromise items for me: mineral powder and concealer.  I buy them both from Arbonne.  They are a little pricey (concealer- $20, mineral powder- $34), but the quality is amazing (I can truly say that because I've tried every kind of face make-up under the sun from pricey Clinique to cheap Wet n' Wild).  However, when it comes to other items, such as lip gloss, eye shadow, mascara, etc., I am quite happy to save a few bucks by purchasing them at Target or H-E-B (helpful tip: H-E-B frequently offers coupons and specials on make-up - I've bought Revlon eyeshadow there for only $1.00 after using their coupon!).

My conclusion:  If you really need to flash a Chanel compact in public to boost your ego, then go ahead and spend the big bucks and make yourself feel special.  Otherwise, pick a couple pricier no-compromise items and save money on the rest by shopping at the drugstore.  You'll still look beautiful and your wallet will thank you!

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