Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where Have I Been?! Crazy Kids, New Blog...

I'll tell ya where - I've been schooling my 5 year old, chasing my 2 year old, cleaning up their messes and getting back into our regular schedule. Today, this also included picking up the erasers that Christian bit off of Ella's pencils, taking away the Pez candy that he raided while I was in the shower, picking playdough out of the carpet and then later putting my chocolate pudding-applesauce-water-dirt-poop-marker-covered son into the bath (it's best not to ask how all those items got on him at once...).

But, I'm also working on a new project - a new blog, actually. You see, several family members think I have a talent for menu and grocery planning on a budget...who knew! They even think I could make money with it (we'll see...). After hearing their rave remarks, I've decided to create a blog about eating healthy and menu planning on a budget ("OHH! Did she use the B-word?!"). I'll include tips, recipes, links, and will eventually offer weekly menu plans to download. In addition, I'll recommend books from Amazon about living healthy, menu planning, cook books, low-carb eating, etc. There's not much on the site now, but keep on checking it for new material. If you're interested, I hope to see you there!

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