Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fairy House

In an effort to help my kids find more ways to connect with nature, I encourage them to play with natural items - rocks, sticks, flowers, etc. There is a book called "Fairy Houses...Everywhere!" that inspired me to suggest to Ella that she build a fairy house herself. We haven't read the book yet, but I've seen it and intend to buy it at some point.

As grateful as I am for plastic, I fear that our kids play with nothing but plastic these days. There's something special about being a kid and digging your hands in the dirt and playing with rocks. My kids can't stay away from the rocks in our flower garden! I consider it as proof that children are drawn to the natural world that God made. We moms are often guilty of keeping our kids away from nature because "they might get dirty". Well, I say that's what bathtubs and washing machines are for!

We'll still hang on to our plastic Barbies and cars because they're fun and the kids love them. However, I'll be sure to kick my kids out of the house every once and a while and tell them to get dirty :o)

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