Thursday, July 16, 2009


Little boys are sneaky, messy and rough. Mine especially. However, just as soon as he makes my temper flare, he'll look at me with a sweet little face and turn on his charm. I've often found myself getting on to him while trying to keep from smiling.

Here is a sampling of his antics from the past week or two:

1. Turned off my dad's computer.
2. Printed out blank sheets of paper using the scan/print function on my printer.
3. Choked on styrofoam in Hobby Lobby (given to him by his sister when my back was turned) and then vomited it up all over the scrapbooking isle.
4. Head-butted his sister.
5. Head-butted me.
6. Head-butted his dad.
7. Brought his chair from the kitchen to his bedroom multiple times so he could play with his CD player.
8. Changed CD's in his CD player.
9. Turned off the self-checkout computer at the library - right when we were scanning the last book.
10. Knocked the breath out of me after a full-body tackle.
11. Destroyed an entire load of folded laundry.
12. He found my driver's license in the scanner and shoved it under the printer (I was frantic until I found it).

The driver's license incident almost made me lose it. I kept asking him, "Did you see mommy's picture? Where did you put it?" and he would reply, "Mommy's picture - I no no ("I don't know")!" After an hour and a half of searching, I finally found it. I looked over at him and he was playing with the scanner and talking about my picture. He looked so sweet and was smiling at me - my heart melted. After previously wanting to post him for sale on, I just wanted to hold him and love on him! As I type, he is trying to bang the keyboard. I guess this is just how little boys are. You want to kill them one minute and the next minute they have your heart wrapped around their grubby little fingers. I laugh when I look back at all these incidents and picture his little face smiling at me.

I do so love my little guy!

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