Friday, June 26, 2009

Little Princess

My little princess was a little shy the first time she met the princesses at Disney. Princess Aurora and Cinderella are her favorites. By the end of our "princess lunch", Ella was beginning to warm up to them.

Here's Ella and her cousin getting autographs from Cinderella. They waited so patiently to see her!

So sweet!

Ella told me before she met Cinderella that she wanted to give her a hug. I'm glad that her dream came true!

And here is my princess dressed up as Alice from Alice in Wonderland!

Ella couldn't possibly play Alice in Wonderland without the Cheshire Cat! Christian was happy to comply.

I came across these photos today and wanted to share them :o) More thought provoking stuff to come soon. For now, I'm enjoying see my little princess learn and grow!

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